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If you are studying at an advanced level or if you only want to earn a few credits or credits to transfer somewhere else you will do so through a Special Course of Study.  Requests can be made through our SPECIAL COURSE OF STUDY REQUEST form.

Once you have arranged to take a Special Course of Study, please go through the TUTORIAL to submit your Application and other forms before proceeding to your courses.  Close that window to return to this page to access your courses for study.

If you are taking courses from us For Credit toward a degree then read the following warning! 
If you are only Monitoring courses, that is, not for credit, then you may ignore this warning.

We currently are experiencing a problem with the third-party site that handles our course quizzes.  Copies of student tests are not being sent to us nor to the students.  We notified the company about the problem and they have informed us that they are addressing the issue and will resolve it as soon as possible.  Until the problem is resolved, be sure that you save copies of the Results pages of all tests as you were instructed to do in the Testing Instructions Agreement that you were required to read and submit before beginning any of our courses.   Without the Results pages you will have no way to confirm your scores on tests nor confirm that you have submitted those tests.  Therefore, you would not receive credit for them and will have to retake them if you do not have a copy of the Results page to send to us to place in your academic file in lieu of the actual test.

We apologize for the inconvenience.  This warning will be removed when the problem is resolved.
Dr. Van

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Course of Study" students.

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