You may resize this window and resize the Application form and place them side by side on your screen so you can view both at the same time or you may print this form for reference.


ATTENTION- these instructions must be followed:
1. DO NOT use nicknames. Use only your legal name on all forms submitted to SLBC. Your academic file and all degrees issued will use the name you submit on this form.
2. Use proper capitalization of all information. Do not use all upper-case letters or all lower-case letters.
3. Your degree, when you earn it, will have your name spelled exactly as you have it spelled on your Application form.  Therefore, make sure you follow guidelines "1" and "2" exactly.
4. Do not use titles such as "Mr., Mrs., Pastor, Reverend, Bishop, etc." in the name fields because we file alphabetically.  Those titles are not allowed in your name as it is printed on your degree.  You may use "Jr." if your birth certificate and other legal documents show that as legally part of your name.  Otherwise, do not use it.
5. Do not use hyphenated last names (see "Exception") such as "Smith-Jones" because they cause filing problems. Choose which name you want to use, such as "Smith" or "Jones" and use it consistently in forms and other submissions to the college. We file alphabetically according to your last name.
Exception: If your name is hyphenated on your Birth Certificate, Social Security card, or other legal documentation, then you may hyphenate your name on the Application form. If you do so, you will be filed under the first letter of your hyphenated last name, and your degree, when you earn it, will have your name spelled with the hyphenation.
6. Do not use abbreviations when entering information on the form.

If you do not follow these guidelines then your Application may be rejected. If you do not follow these guidelines you will still receive an autoresponse welcome email telling you to continue; however, you will then receive notification that your application has been rejected and you will have to resubmit it following the guidelines exactly.