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These forms are ONLY for those students pursuing a Special Course of Study
or those students who started their studies prior to September 9, 2013.

They are NOT for students who registered through our SLBC Moodle site.
If you are registered with the SLBC Moodle site DO NOT use these forms.
If you were given a User Name and Password DO NOT use these forms.

New Administrative Fee for those for whom it is not a burden.
If you feel the fee would be a burden to you, a Waiver
is available upon request (link at bottom of notice) and
will be gladly granted.  We do not want any one to
drop out of school for financial reasons.

See notice below before proceeding to the Sign In forms.

After you have read the Administrative Fee notice,
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To Students Of Salt Lake Baptist College / Salt Lake Bible College

Change effective January 1, 2015

Notice to all students:

Due to the growth of SLBC, it has become imperative that we have more staff to handle the administrative work for our thousands of students.

Administrative Fee: To facilitate this need we are instituting an Administrative Fee of $15.00/month USD for only those students in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and other first-world countries.   This fee will enable us to obtain more staff and facilitate the needed expansion of our facilities to meet the needs of our expanding student body.
ATTENTION:  If you are in doubt concerning whether students from your country are required to pay this fee, you must click HERE for a list of affected countries.  Please do not send a Contact Us form asking for a waiver, do not submit an Administrative Fee Waiver form, and do not send any other communication to us asking whether you are exempted without first checking that list.  This is required before you contact us or submit an Administrative Fee Waiver form!
If your country is not on the list of first-world countries you are automatically exempt from the fee.  If you are automatically exempt, DO NOT submit a Waiver Form asking for a Waiver of the fee.

Free College Tuition and study materials and no charge for graduation: All of these will still be at no charge. Tuition will still be free and all study materials will still be available online at no charge to the students. Graduation and issuance of degrees will also remain free. In essence, the college will still be free. The Administrative Fee is only assessed to facilitate record-keeping for those students pursuing a degree.

Waiver will be available: For those students who cannot afford this fee, a Waiver Form will be available for those who need an exemption. We do not want anyone to drop out of the student body because of finances. If a student cannot afford the Administrative Fee they will be given an exemption. Our aim is to make sure everyone has an opportunity to gain an education in the Word of God. If you cannot afford the fee, please, submit a waiver form. However, if you can pay the fee without it being a financial burden, please do so in order to facilitate the administrative work for all students, both for those who can afford to pay the small fee and those who cannot. We ask that all students, whether they are subject to this fee or not, pray about it and then make their decision.  The link to the Administrative Fee Waiver form is at the bottom of this page.

Date of change: This fee will go into effect January 1st of 2015.

Required: If you live in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, or some other first-world country, please make your first payment and your administrative account will be set up automatically.
    Payment by check or money order:
If you pay by check or money order in your own name, the account will be set up in the name on that check or money order.
2. If the check or money order is sent by someone else for you, please have them indicate that the payment is for you and have them include your full name on it and the month for which the payment is made.  Alternatively, have them send a note with the check or money order indicating that it is for you and have them include (1) your full name, and (2) the month for which the fee is to be applied.
    Payment through PayPal:  If you submit a payment through PayPal via the links below, your account will go into effect automatically in the name on the paypal notice that is sent to us.  You will also receive a receipt from PayPal indicating the amount of the payment and the month for which it is paid.  A yearly option is also available which will save you 1 month's payment (you will be charged for 11 months and receive 12 months).

Monitoring Only students: Only students pursuing a college degree are subject to this fee. Those who are Monitoring Only, not for credit toward a degree, are not subject to this fee. We do not keep any records for Monitoring Only students; therefore, there is no administrative work and that makes them exempt from the Administrative Fee. However, if the student wishes to remit the fee to help with the administrative work for those students who cannot afford it, we ask that the student would consider doing so. They can help the less fortunate through this very small sacrifice.

REFUND NOTE: All Fees are non-refundable.

Keeping track of Fee submissions:  It is the student's responsibility to keep track of submission of their Administrative Fees.  You will receive an automatic receipt from PayPal for each payment made through them.  Those receipts are dated and contain the amount paid and the month for which the fee is paid; therefore, if you keep them in a file you will always know what payments you have made.  If you set up automatic payments with your bank, you won't have to be concerned about remembering when you made a payment.  Your bank statements will show the date each payment was automatically sent out.

Thank you and may God bless you abundantly as you serve Him,
Dr. Van

Dr. T.E. VanBuskirk
President: Salt Lake Baptist College/Salt Lake Bible College

        1. Set up recurring payments yourself through your bank or through PayPal.

        2. Or you may manually submit your Administrative Fee via PayPal through the following link:
            (If you want to pay by the year instead of by the month, click the arrow to drop down the menu to access that option.)

Use this drop-down menu for January through June or for the Yearly option (save $15.00 yearly)  via PayPal.

Fee Amount

Use this drop-down menu for July through December via PayPal.

Fee Amount

Although they are not required to pay the Administrative Fee, some students in other than first-world countries have expressed an interest in giving a smaller amount to help toward the need.

Use this button to give an amount via PayPal other than the fixed amount above.
(Click the button to access the Administration Fee Donation page where you will enter the amount you want to give.)

ATTENTION:  If your country is not on the list of first-world countries you are automatically exempt from the fee.  If you are automatically exempt, DO NOT submit a Waiver Form asking for a Waiver of the fee.