Salt Lake Bible College

Thesis and Research Paper Approval Form

This form must be submitted before proceeding with your thesis or research paper.

  • In order to properly fill out this form, some preliminary research is necessary.

  • You must be knowledgeable about the subject.

  • You must be familiar with other works on this subject and you must include 5 references in the proper fields on this form.

  • If it is a subject about which, after you have pursued a thorough search, you find that there are no works in existence or that there are none currently available, then you need to pursue and present a preliminary search listing at least 5 references which address some points which you will address in your thesis or paper.

  • You must fill out and submit this Approval Form.

  • You must answer all questions on this form.

  • Failure to answer any question will result in rejection of your approval form.

  • Changes can be made to your application at a later date but a change of subject requires prior permission from the head of the Thesis/Research Paper Committee.  Only two changes of subject can be made after your initial submission.


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