Eternal Security   

   This course is designed to refute and assure.  To refute the heresies surrounding the doctrine of Eternal Security and assure the student that his Salvation through Christ and his destination because of Christ are eternally secure.  The course will guide the student through the bedrock biblical proofs and refutations surrounding this question- "Is the believer secure in Christ?"

     The question will be studied in 6 chapters of the textbook by Dr. Bonner


Chapter One - What is Salvation, According to the Bible

Chapter Two - What Happens When A Christian Does Sin

Chapter Three - Does Good Works Or Baptism Save A Soul

Chapter Four - Argumentation and Reasoning's

Chapter Five - What Would Happen If A Christian Could Lose Their Salvation

Chapter Six - Additional Scripture Verses Showing Eternal Security


    Although there are only six chapters in the textbook there are eight sections of study when we include the Introduction and the Summary.

ATTENTION: We have noticed a tendency, actually 1 out of 6 new students which amounts to hundreds of students total, to rush through this course because it is so basic.  Therefore, we have included the following explanation to clarify study and testing matters:

These instructions concern only the Eternal Security Course.

    If you proceed faster than the required pace, then you will not retain the information in the text nor will you be able to locate the information to score in the passing range on the open book tests. Some tests require less than 100% to pass but most tests require a 100% passing score because they are open book tests.