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the Building Blocks of Christianity



In this course you will learn about this thing we hear so widely mentioned, Faith.  You will pursue the word through the scriptures and learn its meaning in the context of the many ways it is used therein.  In addition you will learn of: dead faith and living faith; natural faith and spiritual faith; faith as an ability, and what its kinship is to the term, believe.
    During this odyssey through the concept, Faith, you will learn from the personal odyssey of faith of the author of the textbook, Dr. T.E. VanBuskirk.

You will learn ways to:


 Understand it.
 Use it.
 Control it.
 Direct it.
 Embrace it.
 Enhance it.
 Reject it.
 Appreciate it.
 Live by it.

There are two ways to learn: by your own experience or by the experiences of others.  It is the prayer of the author that you will learn by his experiences.  It is much easier on you.  He has already gone through the struggle and, therefore, there is no reason for you to have to do so for yourself.

Instruction will be given to you to enable you to use this God-given ability called Faith; but the choice to do so will be, as in all of the things given to us from God, your choice alone.


Study instructions:

  • Read each section of the workbook in conjunction with the same sections in the textbook.

  • In the workbook will be homework questions that can be answered only from the textbook.  All questions must be answered correctly before going on to the next portion of study.

  • In the workbook you will find the following graphic from time to time.
    With it you will find the phrase:
    NOTE: These will be test questions. 
    Those questions, and others, will be, or might be, on the section test and/or the Final Test. Section tests will be open book but the Final Test will be closed book so you will need to find and memorize the answers to those questions.

  • You may not complete more than one section of the workbook each week.
    Tests may be submitted on or after the seventh day of the required week of attendance per lesson.  The attendance for the next section begins the day after you have taken and passed the previous section test.
       If you fail a test, you MAY NOT retake that test the same day.  You are required to look up the correct answer in the textbook, workbook, or the Bible, whichever is appropriate, for every question missed on the test.  Then you can retake the test on or after the next day.

  • When you pass a test you do not take it again but you still must look up the correct answer in the textbook, workbook, or the Bible, whichever is appropriate, for every answer missed on the test, even though you passed it, and then start the next lesson/section on or after the day after you passed the current section test.

  • You are required to look up every scripture referenced in the workbook and the textbook in your King James Bible.

  • You are also required to read the textbook in conjunction with the workbook. The answers to the homework questions in the workbook can only be found in the textbook.

Required minimum attendance for the entire course is 8 weeks.
Required minimum attendance per lesson/section is 1 week.
Lesson tests may be taken on or after the 7th day of each required week of study per lesson. 

If you have not yet signed in for this course, click HERE to go to the Sign In Form and indicate this course and mark the form "Begin" to register the start date for your attendance in this course.  Keep a record of the date you submitted the Sign In Form to Begin the course because you will be required to enter it on the form you submit at the end of the course when you are ready to take the Final Test.  You will mark that second Sign In Form "Finish" to indicate the end of your attendance in this course.  You must download the COURSE RECORD FORM on which you are to keep all of the pertinent information about each course you take.  You can download that form from the college website and then make one copy for each course.

Student can earn 1 credit for successfully completing this course.

Open the workbook and the textbook at the same time.  You cannot complete the workbook without having the textbook open at the same time to find the answers required in the workbook.

WARNING - The workbook and the textbook have undergone revision and formatting to bring them to their completed form for online use.  They have now undergone their final revision.
    If you downloaded any of the online material from either the Textbook or the Workbook prior to 11/28/09 for printing, you will need to download the current, finished, copy in order to have an up-to-date copy for study purposes.  Without these final copies you will not have the correct study materials containing all of the information needed to complete the course with a passing grade.
    If you have been using the textbook online for study, then you don't have to worry about the revisions.  The online textbook was automatically updated to reflect them as each revision was completed.

Textbook: click HERE
Textbook is in pdf format.  If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer you will not be able to download and use the book.  If that is the case, please go to to download the latest version of their free reader.

Workbook: click HERE