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(Revelation II.)

Other Side of the River
by Dr. James Wilkins

The 1,000 year reign of Christ.

In this course, the Millennium (Revelation II.), you will study the thousand year reign of Christ and the believer's place in it.


The required minimum attendance for the course overall is 16 weeks.
The required minimum attendance for each individual lesson is 1 week.

    You may take more than 1 week for each lesson should you choose to do so without any penalty. There are only 14 lessons but the two extra weeks of attendance are because some lessons probably will take more than a week to complete. Though you can take more than the minimum required attendance of 1 week for each lesson, under no circumstances are you to take less than 1 week for each lesson.

Lesson tests must be taken not less than one week apart.
   If you fail a test you may not retake that test on the same day that you failed it. You must wait at least one day before retaking the test. Use that time to restudy the material and find all of the correct answers to every question missed on the test. The copy of the test automatically sent to you has all of the correct answers on it. Use that copy to make sure you have found all of the correct answers in the study materials.

The course will be worth 2 credits.

Each lesson is followed by a test. You will find instructions at the end of each lesson to return to the course main page where you will find a list of tests. There will be instructions concerning whether a particular test is open book or closed book.
-  If a test is open book you will not need a password to access that test. Click the link for it and it will open and you can then take the test. Your next lesson attendance begins the day after you pass the current lesson test.
- If a test is closed book, then you will be instructed to submit a Closed Book Test Contract form. When we receive that form, then you will be sent the password that you will need to access that test. In answer to your request, the password will be sent in 1-2 days, not including weekends when the college offices are closed.. Your next lesson attendance begins the day after you pass the current lesson test.
- Your required minimum attendance for each lesson begins the day after you have taken the test and received a passing grade for the lesson before it.


Attention: Read all of the instructions on this page before proceeding to the class.

  • You are required to read the Textbook.
    Textbook - The Other Side of the River, by Dr. James Wilkins.
    Because of the size of the file, links will be made available to each individual Lesson.

  • You are required to look up every scripture referenced in the textbook in your KJV Bible.

  • TESTING:  Make sure you read and submit the Testing Instructions Agreement form if you have not already done so. If you have already submitted the Testing Instructions Agreement, do not submit another one.
    ATTENTION: You MAY NOT take any test more than once on any one day but must wait until at least the next day to repeat the test should you fail it.

  • SECTION TESTS:  Links to the section tests are on this page.  Most section tests are open book tests, which means you may use your textbook and any other study materials to assist you while taking the test.  Because they are "open book" tests, then, when required, the answers must be the exact wording of the textbook, workbook, or the Bible, whichever is appropriate for the question.  
    - Take
    the lesson tests after completing each corresponding section in the textbook.
        NOTE: If you miss any questions on any test, whether or not you received a passing score, then you must restudy that section of the textbook or your KJV Bible, whichever is appropriate, and find all of the correct answers to the questions that you missed on the test.  You will have your copy of the test which was automatically emailed to you with the correct answers on it for comparison purposes to make sure you have found the correct answer in the textbook or KJV; however, you may only use that copy to assist you in finding the answers in the study materials.  After you have found all of the correct answers in the text(s), then you may go on to the next section.

    For the complete course: Overall attendance for the entire course is 16 weeks minimum.  The Final Test may be taken on or after the first day of the 17th week, computed from the date of your submission of the Sign In form to "Begin" this course.  A Sign In form marked "Finish" is required before submitting the Closed Book Test Contract form which must be sent to request the Password for the Final Test.
    For each lesson in the course:
    Each lesson requires a minimum of 1 week attendanceSection tests can be turned in on or after the 7th day of the required week of attendance.  The required attendance for the next lesson begins the day AFTER successfully passing the current test.  Make sure you find the answers to all questions missed on each test either in the textbook or the Bible, whichever is appropriate for the question, before starting the attendance for your next lesson.

  • SIGN-IN first for this course and mark the form "Begin" unless you have done so previously.  You do not sign in when you finish each lesson.  You only do so and mark the form "Finish" when you have completed the entire course and you are ready for the Final Test.

  • Download and print the COURSE RECORD FORM.  On it you will keep a record of your sign in "Begin" date because you will be required to enter it on the Sign In "Finish" form that you will submit at the end of the entire course.  You will also keep other pertinent information on that form such as date and score for each test so that you will be able to keep track of your progress through the course.

    Click the lesson link to open lesson in a new window.


    Click the test link to open
    test in a new window.
    Leave the lesson window open for open book tests so you can use the study material.
    Some tests may not open on the first try.  When that happens, stay on the test page and click refresh.  The test will then open properly.

    Once you have completed all sections of the textbook, and passed all of the corresponding tests, and found the correct answers to any questions missed on any test, then you may retrieve the password by submitting a Password Retrieval Form and, upon receiving the password, take the Final Test for the course.  The Final Test is to be taken "open book" which means you can use all of the study materials while taking the test.

    Once you pass the final test do not take it again.
    - If you fail the Final Test then you need to restudy the relevant sections in the workbook, textbook, or the Bible, whichever is appropriate for the question, corresponding to the questions missed and all of the section tests previously taken and then retake the final test. Repeat this process until you pass the Final Test.  However, you may not take the Final Test, or any other test, more than once on any one day. If you need to repeat any tests you may do so on or after the next day after you failed the test.
    If you miss any questions on the Final Test, even though you have passed it, then you are required to review the textbook and/or workbook and all of the section tests and find the correct answers in the textbook and/or workbook to the questions you answered incorrectly.

Please submit a FINISH SIGN IN FORM to officially finish your
attendance for this course before proceeding to the Final Test.


(click on words or picture)

You must have this password to gain access to the Final Test.

There is a 2 hour time limit on the test.
Passing grade is 95%.

Final test is "open book."  You may use your
study materials while taking the final test.