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      The Church   Hispanic Congregation

    The purpose of this class is to give the student an understanding of exactly what "the Church" is biblically.


          The Church’s Authority
          Authority in the Church

      - Student is required to read the text, "The Church," by Dr. T.E. VanBuskirk, reading all scripture references in their Bible (KJV only).
      - Do not study more than one lesson per week.
      - The student is required to complete the test for each of the four sections.
           Tests are to be taken on or after the last day of each week of study.
           The week of study for the next lesson begins the day after student passes 
              the previous lesson's test.
      - Minimum attendance for the entire course is 5 weeks.
      - Minimum attendance for each lesson of the course is 1 week per lesson.

      - The course is worth 1.5 credits.
      - There will be a final test at the end of the course.  All tests will be open book.
          NOTE: Because the tests are "open book" then the answers must be the exact wording of the text.

    All tests receive equal weight.

    1. Read the required text, The Church.
    After reading a section of the text, then click on the test below that corresponds with that section.
    Fill in your user name and your e-mail address according to the Testing Instructions Agreement form, then click on start and proceed with the test.  If you do not fill out the test information page with all of the required information, then the test will be discarded because there will be no way to know who submitted the test.
    4. SIGN-IN first for this course and mark the form "Begin" unless you have done so previously.  You do not sign in when you finish each lesson.  You only do so and mark the form "Finish" when you have completed the entire course and you are ready for the Final Test.
    5. Download and print the COURSE RECORD FORM.  On it you will keep a record of your sign in "Begin" date because you will be required to enter it on the Sign In "Finish" form that you will submit at the end of the entire course.  You will also keep other pertinent information on that form such as date and score for each test so that you will be able to keep track of your progress through the course.

  • TESTING:  Make sure you read the Testing Instructions Agreement if you have not already done so.
    - Name entry on tests:  Students are required to use proper letter-case when inputting their names on all submissions to the college.  Example: If your name is John Smith, then input John Smith, not john smith or JOHN SMITH.  If you do not use proper letter-case when you input your name on a test, then the test will be Disallowed and discarded.
    You MAY NOT take, or retake, more than one test on any one day in any one subject.  If you fail a test, you cannot retake it on the same day.  You must restudy the section involved, finding all of the correct answers in the textbook and then wait until at least the next day to repeat the test.

    Take each of these tests after completing the corresponding section in your textbook.
    - RESULTS PAGE of tests:  Sometimes tests do not submit properly.  This can be due to a glitch in the test, a problem with your computer, or an Internet problem.  Therefore, students are required to save a copy of the Results Page of every test that they take.  This is necessary so that if a test does not submit properly the student will have a copy of the Results page to submit to us upon our request.  (Do NOT send it unless we request that you do so.)  The copy of the Results Page can then be placed in your academic file in lieu of the actual test.
    You can click HERE for instructions for saving a copy of the Results Page to your computer.  You may want to print out a copy of those instructions or else you can save an electronic copy to your computer.

    - NOTE: If the test does not open automatically, then refresh the page by pushing F5 or clicking the refresh button on your browser.
    - ATTENTION: The section tests may NOT be taken at less than one week (7 day) intervals and must be taken on or after the 7th day of that week.  Then study of the next section may be started on or after the day following the passing of the test.
      First Section test   Second Section test
      Third Section test  Fourth Section test

    NOTE:  If you had any wrong answers on any test, whether or not you received a passing grade, then you must restudy that section of the text and find all of the correct answers to the questions you missed on the test before proceeding to study the next section of the textbook.  You may use the copy of the test that was automatically mailed to you to make sure you have found the correct answers in the textbook.

    Once you have completed all sections of the textbook and passed all of the corresponding tests, and found the correct answers to any questions missed on any test, then you may Retrieve the Password and, upon receiving the Password, take the Final Test for the course.
    - You are not eligible to take the Final Test if you have not met the minimum attendance requirement of 5 weeks
    Once you pass the final test do not take it again.
    If you fail the final test then you need to restudy both the textbook and all of the section tests and then retake the final test on or after the next day. Repeat this process until you pass the Final Test. However, you may not take or retake the Final Test, or any other test in this course, more than once on any one day.
    If you miss any questions on the Final Test, even though you pass it, then you need to review the textbook and all of the section tests and find the correct answers to the questions you missed.

    You may now go to the first lesson.
    After you complete each section, return to this page to take the corresponding Section Test.
    To go to the textbook click this link, The Church, (large file, 3.8 meg for printing) .
       or  The Church, (small optimized file: 753k)
    - To download in chapters for faster download, use these links.
         Lesson One   Lesson Two   Lesson Three   Lesson Four
    - Note:
    All texts are in pdf format.  You will need Adobe Reader to access the books.  If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, then go to and download their free reader.  After you have downloaded and installed Adobe Reader, then close that window to return to this page to access the textbook

Submit your Finish Sign In form to end your attendance for the course
before submitting your Password Retrieval form.  You will not receive
your Password from this form.  You will need to submit the
Password Retrieval form to receive the Password.
HERE to access the Finish Sign In form.

After you have completed all lessons and lesson tests, and submitted your
Finish Sign In form, click on words or picture below to retrieve the
password for the Final Test.


You must have this password to gain access to the Final Test.

Final test is "open book;" i.e., you may use your
textbook and workbook and other study
materials while taking the final test.