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of the series "The Women in the Bible."


The Women of Genesis


In this portion of the series we will study all of the women in the book of Genesis.  From Eve, the mother of all living, to Asenath, the heathen wife of Joseph.  In this study we will see the influence of the various women, for good or for evil, as it is involved in the progressive revelation of the will of God in the lives and circumstances He allows or brings about not only in the various heathen nations and peoples, but on through to the calling out of His Chosen People in Abraham.

The creation and the bringing forth of Eve from the side of Adam will mark the beginning of this study and, of course, the beginning of the human race.   Then you will study the part they played in the plan of God in His calling out of a people in Abraham and their eventual migration to Egypt.  Which of course was the prelude to the Children of Israel's eventual captivity in that country and more stories of women involved in that process. And then, lastly, the life and influence of Asenath the wife of Joseph which will mark the terminal point of this first part of the series on Women in the Bible.

You are required to read the entire book of Genesis while completing this particular course in the series.  You will be asked in the Final Test if you have completed reading Genesis while completing the Women of Genesis course.  If you do not answer "Yes" then you will not be able to pass the Final Test.

SCRIPTURES QUOTED IN THIS STUDY: Student must look up EVERY scripture referenced in the textbook for this study in their King James Bible.  That includes all of those scriptures that are partially or wholly quoted in the textbook, including whole chapters when they are given as a reference.  While reading through the entire book of Genesis, you can combine your lesson chapter reference requirement and your entire book requirement into one.   To accomplish this, you can time your book of Genesis reading to correspond with the chapter references given in each lesson.  That then will fulfill the chapter reference reading requirement and that chapter of the entire book reading requirement, both, with just one reading.  When a chapter is referenced in the textbook, read the chapter, and then the lesson will give specific verse references which you are to look up and read individually as they are given throughout the study.  The reading of an entire chapter reference does not fulfill the reading requirement for individual verses or passages in that chapter that are to be read along with specific sections of the study. Scripture reading of chapters and individual references as well as a reading of the entire book of Genesis are requirements for the course. If you do not read the entire book of Genesis and look up every scripture referenced in the textbook then you will fail the course.


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