Salt Lake Bible College

A free Bible College online

(Either way you will take the same courses.)


The only fee charged is an Administrative Fee
of $15.00/month USD for students in the USA,
Canada, the UK, and other first-world countries
To see if your country is listed,
click HERE.  If your
country is not on that list then you are automatically
exempt from paying the $15/mo Administrative fee.
Fee Waiver Forms are available for those students
for whom this fee would be a financial hardship.
We do not want anyone to feel that they cannot
study God's Word because of finances.  We
will gladly waive the Administrative Fee
for anyone, anywhere, who feels it is a
financial burden.  This fee is only to
facilitate the keeping of academic
records for all of the students
seeking a degree.

We encourage those students all over the world for
whom it is not a burden, to pay the Administrative
Fee to help keep the college operating so that they
themselves, as well as those who cannot afford
the fee, can keep learning the Word of God
through our free courses.  If it is any kind of
burden to you, please do not do pay the fee.


If you would like to take the courses
FOR CREDIT toward a degree or a certificate


If you would like to Monitor Only, which means
NOT FOR CREDIT toward a degree or certificate,
or if you would like to peruse the courses to see
what we offer, CLICK HERE