This application is for new students only. If you're a former or returning student, please contact us first before submitting an application.

Please Note:

Before you submit an application, you MUST add us to your "Safe Sender's List" (aka Whitelist) in order to prevent our emails from being routed to your Junk/Spam folder. We have had many emails sent to students that get "lost" in the Junk/Spam folders because of this. You can find instructions, here.

Applications are processed about once a week during the work week, according to the date and time in Salt Lake City, Utah (MDT).

Applications submitted on weekends may not be processed until the following week. Please be patient, as processing may take up to two weeks.

DO NOT SUBMIT this application more than once, unless told to do so by SLBC Staff, or you have contacted us first.
Multiple applications from the same student cause unnecessary extra work for our Staff.

The current date & time in Salt Lake City is:

ALSO, only one email per student may be used. Two students cannot use the same email address,
even if they are in the same household. Each student must have his own email address.

ATTENTION: The instructions below (and on the rest of the form) MUST be followed. Failure to follow these instructions WILL result in immediate discarding of your application, and you will be asked to resubmit.

1. NEVER use nicknames. Use only your legal name on all forms submitted to SLBC. Your academic file and all degrees issued will use the name you submit on this form.

2. Use proper capitalization of all information. AVOID the use of all UPPERCASE letters, all lowercase letters or Every Word Capitalized WILL result in the application being discarded.
Exception: "Every Word Capitalized" may be used IF it is the name of something, like a church. E.g. Solid Rock Christian Church.

3. Your degree, when you earn it, will have your name spelled exactly as you have it spelled on your Application form. Therefore, make sure you follow guidelines "1" and "2" exactly.

4. NEVER use titles such as "Mr., Mrs., Pastor, Reverend, Bishop, etc." in the name fields because we file alphabetically. Those titles are not allowed in your name as it is printed on your degree. You may use "Jr." if your birth certificate and other legal documents show that as legally part of your name. Otherwise, do not use it.

5. AVOID the use of hyphenated last names (see "Exception") such as "Smith-Jones" because they cause filing problems. Choose which name you want to use, such as "Smith" or "Jones" and use it consistently in forms and other submissions to the college. We file alphabetically according to your last name.
Exception: If your name is hyphenated on your Birth Certificate, Social Security card, or other legal documentation, then you may hyphenate your name on the Application form. If you do so, you will be filed under the first letter of your hyphenated last name, and your degree, when you earn it, will have your name spelled with the hyphenation.

6. NEVER use abbreviations when entering information on the form.

7. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to use the Enter / Return key OR a comma ( , ) in ANY input field. This will mess up the results of the email sent to us and will result in the application being discarded.

If you do not follow these guidelines then your Application may be rejected. If you do not follow these guidelines you may still receive an autoresponse welcome email telling you to continue; however, you will then receive notification that your application has been rejected and you will have to resubmit it following the guidelines exactly.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to keep these instructions open while you are filling out the Application form. Size both pages so that they fit side-by-side on your screen.

From the instructions page you can also print these instructions for reference should you choose to do so.

Make sure the information is accurate before submitting this form.

To prevent accidental submission of multiple forms, only one form per hour is
allowed from each IP. Should you need to submit an Amended form with a
change of information, you will need to wait at least one hour to do so.

UNUSED APPLICATIONS/ACCOUNTS: If you do not sign in and begin
studying a course within 30 days, then your Moodle account will be put on
"Pending Deletion Notice." (Moodle is our online teaching/learning system.) If
you still have not logged in and started any courses after 60 days of inactivity,
then this Application will be discarded, and the Moodle account created for
you will be deleted.

We will know if you are studying at least one of the courses because
Moodle will record the last date you logged in. If there is no account
activity after 60 days, then we will discard this Application, and your
Moodle account because of non-use.

NOTE: Failure to read and follow ANY AND ALL instructions in this application
form will result in the application being discarded, and you will have to resubmit the
application. Do not submit more than one application without prior permission.

I understand the above instructions:

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