SLBC Waiver and Special Request Form
Moodle Students Only

We thank you for taking the time to contact us. We will answer your request as soon as we can.

~SLBC Staff~

Please read about our various waiver/requests BEFORE submitting the form below. (You can find more information on the options below at: Special Requests AND Waivers. )

The waivers and requests you can make from this form are:

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

10:00am - 10:00pm

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

It is currently:

  • Admin Fee Waiver
    Be sure to provide the proper financial information, or the waiver may be denied. (See the above links for more info.)
    NOTE: Waiver is NOT retroactive! (i.e. does not apply to and waive any months prior to the waiver.) The waiver applies only from the time the waiver is submitted, and granted, onward. Students will still be held responsible to pay for any fees not yet paid prior to the date of the accepted Admin Fee Waiver.

  • Course Suspension Removal

  • Demerit Revocation
    You must provide sufficient explanation to excuse the error. NOTE: MUST submit requests on a PER ITEM basis. Otherwise, the submission will be discarded.

  • Extended Absence
    MUST be sent in beforehand, otherwise you will run the risk of your account being removed due to inactivity!!

  • Quiz Spacing Waiver

  • Quiz/Test Extra Attempt
    Be sure to specify the course AND quiz! Remember, upon review and at the discretion of SLBC, academic counselling may be required.

  • Request Transcripts
    (From SLBC to either you or to someone else such as your church or another college.)

  • Street Preaching Exemption (Publick Ministry Series)

  • Suspension Reduction Request

  • Suspension Removal Request

  • Test Out of a Course
    Specify course name and course ID.

  • Typing Course WPM Waiver

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*Student ID Number:
This is your Student ID number not your Moodle username!! (Your Student ID can be found on your profile page on Moodle.) THIS IS REQUIRED!!

Student ID numbers are 18 characters long, and look like this: XxxxXxxxXxxx###### (12 letters, 6 numbers).

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*Mother's Name:
Note: Birth Date and Mother's name are for confirmation purposes ONLY, and MUST match the information we have on file for you.

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