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All information is required for initial and continued Accreditation.
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1. Your Statement of Faith.
2. Physical address and picture of your facilities.
3. Verification of your qualifications and those of all of your teachers.
4. Your exact, verifiable, personal address and the addresses of your teachers.
5. A list of the degrees you offer and the requirements for each.
   (If this is on your website, please list the link in your answer to this question.)
6. A list of the courses you offer at the college.
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7. Will you be or are you currently registered with your government?
   If so, are you currently registered or are you working on the registration process?
     (Registration is not a requirement for you to be accredited by BSAA.)
   - If you are currently registered, please send copies of your documentation.
   - If you are working on registration, send me a brief resume of your progress.
   - If you are not planning on registering with the government, that is quite all right.
   - Please send me notification of which of those three pertains to your school.
8. Please send me three personal references from people who know you and can vouch for
    your Christian character and your desire to serve God in this area of Biblical Education
    of the saints and ministers of God.
9. Send three references for each of your teachers.
When we receive that information we will assess it and see if further information will be required.
May God bless as you serve Him,
Dr. Van
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The requirements for schools applying for BSAA Accreditation are the same as
for a Study Center. Please read the Study Center Agreement.
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