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MONITORING COURSES for Study purposes ONLY but

There seems to be some confusion concerning this current form.
It is ONLY for those who DO NOT want to take courses for
credit toward a degree or certificate.

If you submit this form then you CANNOT RECEIVE CREDIT
for the courses you study with us.

We do want to remind you that you can take courses for credit
toward a degree and that there is NO COST TO THE STUDENTS who
do so other than a $15 USD per month Administrative Fee.
Monitoring Only students do not pay this fee because
we do not keep academic records for Monitoring Only students.
No academic records, no Administrative Fee.

If you DO want to take courses for credit, then please DO NOT submit this form.
Instead, click
 to access the Tutorial. The link is in the upper right-hand
quadrant of the main page. Submit all forms from the tutorial.

If you want to take our courses without earning credit toward a degree, we would be pleased for you to do so.

  • Please follow these instructions and submit only the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Please do not submit any other forms except the form on this page.
           The only exception is request forms for test passwords when needed to open a test.
  • When you submit tests for the courses, please enter "No Credit" in the "User Name" field on all tests.

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FINAL WARNING: I understand that by submitting this form I am notifying you that I AM NOT TAKING COURSES FOR CREDIT TOWARD A CERTIFICATE OR A DEGREE.

*I verify that I understand I am NOT TAKING COURSES FOR CREDIT:

We would be pleased if you decide at some time in the future that you want to take courses For Credit.  However, should you decide to do so, then you must carry out the following simple procedure.

By checking the next box I am certifying that I understand that if I change my mind in the future and decide to take courses For Credit, that I will do the following:
1. I will notify the school directly by means of a "Contact Us" form that I am switching from "Not for Credit" to "For Credit" status.
2. I will access the Tutorial from the Courses main page (Courses Main Page) on the college website and submit an Application and all other necessary forms from it to begin taking courses for credit.
3. Once I have submitted all necessary forms from the Tutorial, I will then begin all courses over.
4. I understand that all courses taken Not for Credit cannot be transferred to For Credit but must be started over from the beginning in order for me to receive credit for the course-work.

*For Credit procedure.
Yes, I certify that I will follow the instructions given on this form should I decide to change to For Credit status at some time in the future.
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*Video College / non-Video College Student
I am a student of the NON-VIDEO COLLEGE.
I am a student of the VIDEO COLLEGE.