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Use only proper letter-case for all information submitted on this form.
Fully one third of students are ignoring these instructions.
Therefore, we are now forced to begin discarding those
Finish Sign In forms that do not follow this requirement.
Use of all upper-case or all lower-case letters is not allowed
when you input information into the Comments field on this
form. Also, when you input  your name on this form, the first
letter of each of your names must be upper-case and the
other letters of each name must be in lower-case.

Password: You will not receive the password by submitting
this current form. This form is only for attendance
purposes.  To retrieve the password you must
submit the password form for the course after
you submit this Finish Sign In form.

This is a college and following instructions exactly
is expected for college-level students.

 WARNING for SLBC Moodle students:
If you submitted a multi-part Application form and were issued a
User Name and Password DO NOT USE THIS FORM! You are
registered with our automated site at
and all of your tests, forms, and other communications must
be with that site directly and not through this current site.
If you are a SLBC Moodle student and submit this form,
it will be Disallowed and discarded and cannot be
placed in your Moodle-enabled academic file.

Only those students who were NOT ISSUED a User Name
and Password are allowed to use this current form.

*Original or Amended Finish Sign In Form: If you have ever submitted a Begin Sign In Form at any time for this course, please mark this form as Amended.  If this is the first time you have submitted a Begin Sign In Form for this course, please indicate this is an Original Begin Sign In Form.
Original Amended
*Student Last Name:Last Name is defined as your family name.  Not your given name.
*Student First Name:First Name is defined as your given name.  Not your family name.
*Verify Email:
*Is this a new email address?: If this is a new email address that is not yet registered in your file with us, then please indicate this is a new email address.  Also, please goto the Email Address Change form and change or add this new email to your file.
No, this is NOT a new email address. Yes, this IS a new email address.
*Course: Other:  

The next 2 fields require input of the minimum attendance figures for each course overall and for the individual lessons in each course.

    You will find those figures in the following list.
1. The minimum attendance for the course overall is in the column marked:
2. The minimum attendance for each lesson in the course is in the column marked:
    MINIMUM ATTENDANCE per LESSON in each course.
3. Click HERE to access the list.

*Required Weeks Minimum Attendance per LESSON: 
*Required Weeks Minimum Attendance for COURSE: 
*Begin Sign In date:  *   *  
*Finish Sign In Date (use calendar): This will be the date of your Finish attendance:

If you do not have a calendar handy to figure the number of weeks of your attendance, figured from the
date of your Begin Sign In form until the date of this Finish Sign In form (rounded down to the number of
whole weeks), then you can open the Date Calculator (link included below) and follow the instructions.
Check the box for "Include end date in calculation (1 day is added)". When the time span has been
calculated for you, look for "Alternative time units" and under that heading you will find the
number of weeks and it will be marked "(rounded down)" which is what you need to enter
for the number of weeks of your attendance in the course.  Make a note of the number of
weeks and then close that window and enter the number of weeks into the next field on
this form.  Use scroll bar to scroll to your attendance number.  Once you see your
number, click on it.  CLICK HERE to go to Date Calculator

*Weeks Student Attendance for COURSE: 
*Country: Other:  
*I have read and agree to the Attendance and Testing Policy:
Yes, I agree to the Attendance and Testing Policy.

By clicking the following button I am verifying that I have used proper letter-case for all information
submitted by me on this form- including in the Comments field and in the Student First Name and
Last Name fields.  By clicking the button I am also verifying that I understand that if proper
letter-case is not used by me for all information on this form, that the form will be
disallowed and discarded and I will have to submit an Amended form using proper
letter-case for all information submitted on it.

*Proper case verification:

I understand that I must submit a Password Retrieval form or a Closed Book
Test Contract form in order to receive the Password for any test.
By checking the "Verify" box below I am verifying that I do understand that
this Finish Sign In form is ONLY for attendance purposes and that
I will NOT RECEIVE THE PASSWORD by submitting this form.


- - - - - - - - - - - USER NAME and PASSWORD - - - - - - - - - -
1. Not all students were issued a User Name and Password.
2. Only Moodle students were issued those two when they completed their Application forms.
3. Be careful to be accurate how you answer this question because it will determine
whether the form will be Accepted or Disallowed.
*Were you issued an official User Name and Password when you completed your Application forms?

Please indicate that this form is for a Video College course.

Yes, this form IS for a Video College course.
No, this form IS NOT for a Video College course.