To use the form:
      1. Click the link to open the form.
      2. Read the instructions and fill out the information on the form.
         Follow the format given and compose your Critical Analysis in your word-processor according to the required outline.
            Include the required outline.
            If a point is not applicable to your sermon, mark next to it NA for Not Applicable.
            If a point has been considered but not used, mark next to it "Considered".
            If a point has been considered and used, mark next to it how it was used.
        Rough Sermon Outline:
            Write the points of your rough outline in your word-processor and include comments
                 that correspond to any points in your Critical Analysis.
      3. Once you have completed composing your Critical Analysis and Rough Outline in your
          word-processor, upload those two files via the appropriate upload fields on the form.

Click HERE to access the form.