(Can also be used to save a copy of any portion of any screen open on your computer.)


You can save an electronic copy of the Results page that you can keep on your computer for submission to us in a failure of a test to submit properly,
    and you won't have to print it out. The following are instructions for how to do this if you are using Windows.

1. Goto the Start button and open All Programs.

2. Open Accessories.

3. Scroll down in the Accessories and find the Snipping Tool.

4. Right click Snipping Tool and when the menu opens on it, hover over Send To in the menu.

5. When the Send To menu opens, click on Desktop (Create Shortcut).
     This will place an icon on your desktop for easy access to the Snipping Tool.

6. When the Results Page on a test is open, use the Snipping Tool to outline and capture and save a copy of that page to your computer in a special file
     you can create just for College Work.

7. Then if a test doesn't submit properly you will have a copy of the Results Page on your computer in the special College Work file to send to me.