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On this page you will find some of the testimonies and recommendations given by students of Salt Lake Bible College and Salt Lake Baptist College.

Some will be links to pages that students have posted on the internet and some will be quotes.  Student names cannot be given for legal reasons and, more importantly, because the safety of some of the students would be compromised because of the persecution experienced by Christians in some countries.




GHANA    Kumasi  

    I am really enjoying these classes they have strengthen my spirit and fed my soul. God bless you for offering this course free to people who cannot afford it.

    Dear Sir: Over 60 Pastors in ****, **** Sierra Leone are yearning for a tuition free Bible College Education Online. We would appreciate where you to come to our aid by sending us detail information pertaining to your online program. Thanks Pastor **** **** *****
(We are arranging for them to use all of our online material to train the pastors there.  Dr. Van)

USA    Ohio
    Just a word or two of praise for what SLBC has meant to us here in Ohio. My education has really helped to sharpen skills and bring a new boldness to my serving our Lord and Saviour.
I have grown so much over the last 9 months or so from taking these classes. I am so thankful for your ministry and keep it dear in my heart and prayers.

UGANDA    Kampala
    Thanks for the work you are doing to equip the saints of God.  May the Lord bless you.

I just wanted to drop a note and say, before starting these studies I did not feel sure or confident of my salvation!!!  I wondered how one could be so sure!  In just the class on SALVATION and starting the one entitled ETERNAL SECURITY, I have become totally confident in this fact. I have never felt so sure of anything in my life and I feel totally ecstatic in this knowledge!  It is like being reborn all over again!!!  The security of this knowledge makes or can make all the difference in ones walk in Christ!!  I have been a Christian for several years now and am amazed that this simple yet powerful truth is so quickly brushed over!  Wow!!!  It is an amazing feeling to know beyond a shadow of doubt that Salvation, once we have followed the appropriate steps, IS ours!!!!  I feel so humbled in this knowledge!  God is soooo amazing and I grow to love him more each day!  After starting these classes and reading Gods word on this I can only say for myself that my faith has been made stronger than ever!  These classes have been such a blessing and miracle in my life!  Thank you so much, I just had to share!

Greetings from India!!!!
    Thank you so much for being so kind and allowing to pursue D. Min. from your esteem Institute. I am so happy, 
your books being used mightily in our ministry. Many pastors and leaders are being blessed.
    Resting in Jesus Christ
    Your friend in Christ from India
      ****** ********

God Bless and keep you,
    My life has been squandered, and i was a disappointment to the Lord!!
I was the seed that was sown among the thistles, and allowed the "cares of this world" to take precedence over my walk with The Lord. Your on line free Bible Studies are with out Compare. The course Content is what People need and search for in this dry and thirsty land...
May the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Job richly and gloriously bless You

    From Missionary to Brazil Steve ****
I have 2 degrees from your college.  From my experience and work and schooling you gave me an Associates and a Bachelors degree in Theology.  I wanted to tell you how important these were to me recently.  The Federal police here in Brasil took 10 months to OK my 2nd year visa.  They wanted me to prove my theological training.  Your documents did the job.  Without those papers, I do not know if they would have allowed me another visa.  I
received that visa, and in 1-2 weeks will apply for permanent residency.
    Thank you so much for your help and ministry,
    Steve ****, Florianopolis Brasil, S.C.

USA    Newton State, NC
**** Akpa
I am really enjoying this course! (1st required course- Salvation)

Dear Doc Van,
Thanks for the update, I'm really relieved....will be praying for your various meetings. You have done a wonderful job with your materials making them simple yet not in anyway diluting the truth. God bless you sir!
In much prayer,
Adrian & Emma ********

USA    Lockport, IL
    You have set a beautiful foundation in your classes. They are proving in my ministry as I learn and teach to be solid building blocks. I have really hit on points of God's grace for weeks. I was talking to a fellow christian the other day speaking on how I believe everyone should have a base to worship and praise God without condemnation. I have seen people that seemed irreconcilable for years and then one day get it and receive Christ driven by the Spirit with evident fruit. If I would have judged their sin rather than understanding God's plan for their sin they might not have stayed in the struggle of Godly sorrow. The man I was talking to looked at me and said "didn't we all start out like that" and I thought how true.
  In saying all of that I am going to use your discipleship classes as a method of Bible study in nursing homes led by the men who have overcame the obstacles of their life and now are living successful lives outside the nursing homes. Praise God for His work through you. It certainly is helping me. I am now building a website for the church and will let you know when it is published.

With Love,
Matt ********

    Dear Dr Van,

   Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.
    At King of Kings Theological College we are continuing in the grace of our lord. The students have increased in number and we are praying for you ever since I started our communication to you. Greetings from Rev; Sam Dkotchen who is volunteering with us as academic  registrar and also a Pastor of Nile Baptist Church in *****.
    Tomorrow we have a class in Bible doctrine, Old Testament Survey, Pentateuch, and Church Planting. We make mention of you whenever we are beginning our bible classes, and we also pray for Salt Lake Baptist College together with Salt Lake Bible College.
    The students are waiting for that day when you will say you are coming to Uganda. As we go through the King James Version, we are enriched by the power of the Holy Spirit and continue to grow in His knowledge, wisdom and flourish in the anointing . Am also waiting for the day you will receive my forms so that I can begin on my Doctorate Studies. It is only the forms that has made me delay to begin.
    Greetings to "maama" your wife and my brothers over there. Am soon sending you my photos, and that of our students and staff.
    We also request you to pray for us to get land and construct the Bible College. We are seeing the field is ready for the harvest. There is 5.7 acres estate on sale with 17 buildings well constructed that we are putting our eyes on and our hearts keep praying for it. We don't have the money but we believe God for the finances. So you also keep praying with us . We are also planning a church planting mission in my home area Kayunga district.

    May the good lord bless you big
    Thank you
***** William Donald
King of Kings Theological College.

USA    Coeur d'Alene, ID
Chuck ******
Thanks again for all you do!
I am Always excited to see the way the Lord is using the classes I've taken and am currently taking (The Bible, New Testament Survey) in my walk and in teaching others.  THANKS

   Joseph *******
I find this one to be the best institution because it is concerned with spiritual welfare as its ultimate goal for a person.  It equiptes a student through its courses which are well polished.

USA    San Diego, CA,  
****** Akpa
Bravo! Job well done.

Sarah ********
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to study with you. God answered my prayers. I could not afford to stay at the college where I was before. I lost my job and had two teenage sons to care for. I was down and depressed and this came as a balm to my spirit.
     God bless you and your staff.

USA    Rocky Mount, NC,  
Dave ********
I just wanted to write to you and how grateful it is to find your college. I am an ordained minister without the experience or training it takes to do my duties. I feel your school will help me greatly. Again Thank you.

Lansana ********
I Thank God I was able to complete the salvation course and it has changed my life. I am greatful.

USA   Ripley, CA, 
****** Green
I have been wanting to attend a Bible college for some time. My baby sister has been taking this course for a while and I see a major change in her. So, here I am. I want to get ALL understanding and knowledge of biblical text so that I may be able to share this truth with others; because truth really matters.

KENYA   Nairobi 
Paul ******
The course is challenging but I have enjoyed it greatly. May the Lord bless you for the good job you are doing to prepare the servants of God all over the world.

USA   Fulton, KY
G’day Dr. VanBuskirk:
Perhaps you are not aware but you have been teaching a real stroke survivor. With the way your classes are put together I am learning perfectly fine. Yes, I have to think God did put you in the proper place when you put your college together.
    I can only speak for myself. yet I am sure there must be many others to agree, I am proud of Salt Lake Bible College. So it is my hopes someday we will be able to purchase logo type products from you. I have been praying for a bookstore so we can buy notebooks, mouse pads, jewelry, sweaters and much more. Emmm, class rings would be nice.
Thank you dearly,
Cathey *******

MALAWI    Blantyre
Discipleship I. course.
Comments: I thank God for this course and has really helped me with my discipling program. Please continue teaching me so that I become much aware of the truth.
     Alick ******


I love the way the courses are structured. It is a superb concept. Thank you so much. I just want to achieve and move on. I am so sorry for being a baby about this. Thank you so much for your patience and kindness with me.

Sylvia *********

Dear Sir, Calvary greetings to you sir and to all the crew of the College that GOD is using to bless us so much; may GOD ALMIGHTY continue to replenish you with blessings untold in JESUS' Mighty Name, Amen!
     Paul ******

I believe that the college teaches the word of God in its purest form. I also believe that I will learn a lot about God and his word at Salt Lake Bible College. I believe with the help of the Holy Spirit and the college I will become better equip to do the work of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen!
     Marlene *******

Dear Brother,
    Ok, just to let you know about the materials – we did finish the reformatting of New Testament Survey class material (which we sent to you a couple of months ago) via email. The Lord is blessing and one of the national pastors, ******, is teaching this class to about 30 men over the next 2 months. The Bible Institute of Church Ministries (BICM) meets Monday through Friday the first week of each month, and he has now been teaching this class for the last two months (September and October). The men have been growing in leaps and bounds and the material has been a wonderful blessing. We print one master copy and then get it photocopied for each of the men who are in attendance. We have been working on one or two other courses for them to use and should be ready by the first part of the new year, Lord willing.
    BICM meets in the little village of ********, which has about 2-3,000 people in it. The men who walk to the Bible school come from as far as one day walk away through the jungle interior. The village itself is on a "major" road through the region, but the road is actually little more than a track through the jungle and swamplands.
    Liberia is a nation that has been completely destroyed by a 15 year civil war which ended in late 2004. Sadly, the infrastructure is still in ruins and the people are largely a welfare nation under the auspices of the UN, which has the largest peacekeeping force in the world stationed in this small country about the size of Tennessee. While a "Christian" nation in name only, there are still huge issues such as cannibalism (in the interior), ritualistic killings, and demonism. There are more churches per capita in Liberia than in any other African country, but it is one of the most godless.

    Every blessing and thank you so much again for allowing us to use your materials. It is definitely making a difference in a country where there is very little in the way of theological training or materials available.

In His Grace,
Mark *****

Dear Sir,
I found myself on your website by divine appointment on 01/22/2010.  I had been looking for a suitable school a few years before without success, but after much prayer I came across Salt Lake Bible College website.

I must confess I did not think you would even consider my application since I am a woman, but my spirit was at peace, so I decided to try.  I also thought about how mentorship would be possible in a virtual class.  Two years into my studies I do not regret having signed up with your college.

I have gained so much knowledge and developed insight in the Word of God in ways I cannot describe in words.  I have noticed a divine wisdom upon my life, even in secular situations.  I have observed that my ministry as a lay preacher has just blossomed and gets better and better to the amazement of my peers, including my Senior Pastor.

I have no idea yet where the Lord is taking me, but I would like to thank you and your team for being such a blessing in my life.

May Jehovah God remember you.

Charity ****

Dear Sir,

I received the Certificate for the Degree in Theology 2 days ago, and I want to thank you for your great investment, not only in my life, but in the lives of every soul God allows to cross my path.

I have developed a deep insight into the word of God, especially in the last few months, as a result of these studies, and a spiritual maturity that can only be divine.

I have a lot of spiritual sons and daughters that look up to me for guidance, because they acknowledge the grace of God upon my life.

Sincere thanks once again, and may God abundantly bless you and your team.

Charity ****

Other testimonies and recommendations to be added as time permits.