Testing Instructions Agreement
These procedures must be followed.
Please read the entire form before submitting it.
These instructions were updated on 10/28/14.

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ATTENTION non-Moodle Students:
Some students submit multiple copies of this form.
This is not necessary.  We only need one copy for your file.
Please refrain from submitting more than one copy because
they clutter up the system and cause unnecessary work
for the staff here at the college.

The following are the Instructions for the log in
page for tests and general testing instructions.

At the bottom of this agreement is a form that you are to
submit, verifying that you have read the form and that
you agree to follow all of the instructions in it.
One copy of that form is
required for
each student's file.


We recently experienced a problem with the server at the
testing software/service provider.  Their server failed
to send email copies of the tests to both the students
and to us here at the college.  When that happened
neither we or the students had any validation
that the students had taken the tests and we
also had no verification of their score on
it.  The testing software/service provider
has resolved that problem.  However,
to offset the possibility of a recurrence
of such a problem causing loss of work
for our students, we now require
that all students save a copy of the
Results page for every test that
they complete.  Instructions for
how to do that can be found
later in these instructions.

(Click HERE for instructions for saving a copy of the Results Page to your computer.)


For the old style tests, as pictured in the first graphic below, you use your first name and your last name for your "User Name" and  "User ID" on the opening page of the test.  First name (personal name) always goes on the left line and last name (family name) always goes on the right line. (See "Caution" at the bottom of the graphic.)  Students are required to use proper letter-case when inputting their names on all submissions to the college.  Example: If your name is John Smith, then input John Smith, not john smith or JOHN SMITH.  If you do not use proper letter-case when you input your name on a test, then the test will be Disallowed and discarded.  If you do not fill in those two name lines on the tests then we have no way of knowing who you are.  And if you fill them in incorrectly, then we have to hand-process your test results instead of relying on our automated system to handle the process for us.  When we have to hand-process them, the time it takes per student test is increased by a ratio of 5,000:1.
    Use only your email address that is on file with us here at SLBC.  If you are going to use any email other than the one you submitted on your Application form, then you must first register that email with us by submitting an Email Address Change form.  If you use an email address that is not registered to you, then this form will be rejected and you will have to resubmit it before taking any tests.


Updated testing software is being used as of 11/06/09.  The following graphic will show you how to fill out the opening page on the new format tests.  The color and background of the page may change but the information input lines will remain the same for all of the new tests.

Bottom box name:
Sometimes the bottom box will have a different name; but no matter what name it may have you will always enter your full name in that box.   Students are required to use proper letter-case when inputting their names on all submissions to the college.  This includes the current form, all other forms, tests, email,  and all other communications sent to the college  Example: If your name is John Smith, then input John Smith, not john smith or JOHN SMITH. If you do not use proper letter-case when you input your name on any submission, including on all tests, then the submission will be Disallowed and discarded and you will have to resubmit it with your name in proper format.

If you do not enter your email address correctly on the "E-mail" line, then our automated mail system will not route your test properly and your test will not go into your file but will wind up in a general file where it may not be found.  Our filters are set to recognize the email address you entered on your Application form.  Only that address can be recognized.  If you change your email address or wish to add a second address, then you must submit a change of email address form.

        Also, without your email entered on the Email line, or if it is entered incorrectly, the system cannot send a copy of your test to you at that address nor will we have an address to contact you about the test should we need to.  We will endeavor to find you through a system search keyed on your name in order to find out who you are, but that increases the processing time by at least 5,000%.  And there is no guarantee that we will find you that way.  If we cannot, then your test will be discarded and you will have to retake it.  The responsibility rests with the student for accurate submission of information on the opening page of the tests.  The responsibility for any loss of material or disallowance because of inaccurate information submitted on the form will rest with the student.  We will do the best we can to find you, but any student consistently failing to follow proper procedures will be placed on probation. 

Those tests without an email address are discarded as not usable because there is no way to know who they are from, nor is there any way to contact the student to ask them who they are.
   We have to process and discard those tests by hand and this results in extra and unnecessary work for our staff.

Instructions For Testing

1. You must take the test at the end of each section before proceeding to the next section of the textbook.  You cannot study the entire textbook and then take the tests all at once.  Unless otherwise indicated, the required procedure minimum is one week to study one section and then take the test for that section.  You may submit that section test on the last day of the week of study for that section of the textbook.  The week of study for the next section does not begin on the day you take a section test.  It begins on the next day after taking the previous section test.  That section test must be taken as many times as need be to pass it.  Each question answered wrong, whether you pass the test or not, must be looked up in the textbook/workbook or your KJV Bible, whichever is appropriate, and the correct answer found before proceeding to the next section for study or before proceeding to take the failed test again to try to earn a passing score.
   ATTENTION:  If you fail a test, you MAY NOT attempt that test again on the same day.  You must restudy the textbook/workbook and find all of the correct answers to the questions missed and then retake the test no sooner than the next day.
   Also, any tests taken without meeting the minimum attendance requirement for the course will be discarded.  This is to ensure that you are taking a reasonable amount of time studying each lesson so that you will be more likely to retain the material.
   Example:  If the attendance requirement states that one week is required per lesson, then your first test cannot be submitted before the last day of the first week and subsequent tests are to be submitted at one week intervals.  Your attendance is figured from the date of your submission of the Sign In form for that course.
   You may NOT take more than one test in any one subject on one day.  If you fail a test you must review the relevant section and you may not retake that test until on or after the next day.

2. Once you have passed a test, please do not take it again.  Only your first passing score will be added to your file.  Any repeats taken after that will be discarded.  We have to process and discard those additional tests by hand and this results in extra and unnecessary work for our staff.

3. Tests taken out of sequence:  Because of our responsibility to ensure an acceptable quality of education for our students, which in this online format is attainable only by strict adherence to our study and testing guidelines, any tests taken out of sequence will be discarded and the score will not be recorded in your file.  You will have to take that test again when you reach it in the proper order of lesson study and testing.

4. CAUTION: Sometimes the tests do not open when you first attempt to download them.  This is an unavoidable quirk that sometimes happens when working with computers.  If you get a blank page, please refresh the page and the tests will open.  Either click the refresh icon or press F5 to refresh the page and that should allow the test to download and open properly.

5.  Pay particular attention to any instructions that you may find with the individual questions on the tests.  They are there to instruct you concerning what is specifically required to be included in or not to be included in your answer.
Some examples are:
- Do not include punctuation in your answer.
- Use proper spelling and punctuation in your answer.
- Do not include the hyphen in your answer.
- Do not include the scripture reference, Acts 1:8, in your answer.
- Multiple answers required.

    These are just a few examples of instructions that may be found with individual questions.  When they are included with a question they must be followed exactly or the question will be marked "incorrect."

6.  Quotes of scriptures in tests are always from the KJV and require answers which are direct quotes from the KJV.  Sometimes the authors of the textbooks, for various reasons, use different punctuation than what is in the KJV and at times they may misspell a word.  If that happens and you quote the scripture from the textbook instead of from the KJV, your answer will be marked wrong.
Again, ALL scriptures quoted in the tests are quoted from the KJV and require answers that are from the KJV in order for them to be correct- this includes punctuation.  This should not cause you any problems because you are required to look up every reference in any of the textbooks or other study materials in your KJV Bible and when you do you will be aware of any differences.  Remember to always use the KJV as the authoritative source for all scriptures and their formatting and spelling.
Some new editions of the KJV, unfortunately, have changed the spelling of some words. We have tried to include both spellings as acceptable answers for scripture questions in the tests.  Should your copy of the KJV Bible have such changes, and we have not included the alternate spelling as acceptable in the answer, please contact us and we will adjust your test score accordingly.
   One common mistake in quotes is the addition or non-use of spaces either in the quote itself or at the beginning or end of the quote.  Any such discrepancies will cause the quote to be scored wrong.

7.  Many answers on open book tests require the exact answer from the textbook, workbook, or the KJV Bible, whichever is appropriate for the question.  It must be in the exact same format; i.e., it must have the same spelling, punctuation, etc.  If it is not the exact answer then it will be marked incorrect.

All instructions must be followed without deviation.
Reason: Some have asked "Why insistence on absolute obedience to instruction?"  I think it prudent to include the following as an answer to that question.
   One of the things that is required of followers of Christ and servants of God is that they be able, and willing, to follow instructions here on earth- in all matters, both physical and spiritual.  Without that ability, which is learned and practiced here on earth, then there can be no expectation that they will follow His instructions at all, or at the least, not any more than nominally.   If people will not follow the instructions of whomever is their authority here on earth, then what makes anyone think such a person will ever follow the instructions of God!
   The ability to follow instructions does not come naturally, it must be learned.  That ability is one of the things we are trying to teach our students because there is a catastrophic and widespread lack of it not only in the lost but also in professors of Christianity today.
   We have spent thousands of hours designing the online courses and tests so that the student can have the best possible opportunity to succeed in obtaining a thorough and truly biblical education.  But, that opportunity can only be realized IF they follow the instructions on the website.  And this is also a part of the learning process purposefully designed into the website.
   I have observed in my decades in the ministry that one of the biggest problems preventing God's people from succeeding the way that God wants them to, is slothfulness in following orders.  And even more so as the orders get more specific.  In far too many Christians I have observed this inability to be born out of ignorance.  And, in some cases, I have observed their unwillingness to follow orders to be born strictly out of a spirit of rebellion.
   Christians should be leaders in the world; and to be a good leader one must first learn to be a good follower.  One of the requirements of a good follower is the ability to follow orders exactly and willingly.  One of the purposes and aims of this online college is to teach the unlearned how to follow orders; and hand in hand with that is an aim to rectify the bad habits of others who think it is not necessary to follow orders.  A third purpose is to readjust the thinking of those who have, consciously or subconsciously, become rebellious and believe they are above authority.  These are those who believe that they don't need to follow the orders of any earthly authority.  And for some of those, it is from an attitude of general rebellion against authority.  I have observed this in far too many of God's people from the pew to the pulpit.  For some it is obvious that they simply are unaware that God delegates authority, and the power to enforce it, to certain men and women in the earthly realm so that they may train and lead His people in the spiritual realm.  And that includes training His people in willingly and accurately following instruction.  Those to whom He entrusts this authority are, of course, operating only under the authority delegated by Him to them and are always to be subject to Him and the precepts taught in His Word.
   By following the instructions on the tests, and those throughout the website in general, the students will succeed in gaining a true Bible education.  In the process they will also learn the biblical principle of learning to follow, which is prime instruction for learning how to lead.  In that way they learn how to better and properly serve and represent the King of Kings in a manner that is pleasing to Him and effective in this world of rebels and godless people who have come to expect a lack of attention to detail and accuracy, rebellion, and godlessness, out of those who call themselves Christians.  And the lack of training in obedience amongst the Christians has given the lost much reason to think such of them.
   Finally, the training in obedience to instructions that our students learn will make them much more aware of the problem and better able to be  leaders and teachers and better able to be lovingly but firmly restorative of those nominal Christians who often wallow in their ignorance or revel in their rebellion when it comes to obedience.

   The biblical principle behind this training is I Samuel 15:23  "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry."  And learning to follow instructions will go far in helping to correct rebellion as well as offset the ignorance often born of stubbornness.


Result Page -

Because of the problem explained at the
beginning of these instructions, concerning
the testing software/provider server error,
we strongly suggest that students make a
copy of each Results page from every
test that they take.  The results page
is shown in the following graphic.

(Click picture to see a larger image.)

   Because there is always the possibility of an error in submission of the test to us for registration, student should make a copy of the Results page (pictured above) of every test that they take.  This can be accomplished in several ways.
1. If you have the capability to take a screen-shot of the Results page, this is the easiest way to save a copy of the page.
You may also click on the print icon on the right-hand end of the colored bar at the top of the test.  This should print a copy of the Results page for your records. (To save colored ink you may want to set your printer to print in black and white.)

If you do not receive a copy of the test by email, then you must contact us to see if we received ours.
    If we have received our copy of the test, then we will forward a copy to you for your files.
    If we have not received our copy we will contact you and instruct you to send a copy of the Results page to us.
1. If you have made a screen-shot of the Results page, you can attach that file to an email and send it to us.
If you printed the copy of the Results page, you can scan that copy and attach the scanned copy to an email and send it to us.
3. Send a copy to us only if we request that you do so.

Sometime you will misspell your email address on a test.  If you do so, then you will not receive your copy of the test by email.  The reason is that the test is written to automatically email a copy of the test to the email address that you enter on the test.  If your email address is not entered correctly, then the email with the copy cannot come to you.  It will try to deliver the copy to the misspelled email address that you entered on the test.
    If you misspell your email address we will still receive our copy, if the test submitted properly from your computer, because our email address is written into the test.  If you do not receive your copy you should contact us to see if we received ours.  If we did receive ours, which we will if the test submitted properly, then we can forward a copy of the test to you for your files.

If you do receive an email copy of the test, then you do not send us a copy of the Results page.  When you receive a copy you can assume that we have received one also.  Save your tests because sometimes, because of Internet problems, we don't receive our copy.  This is rare but it has happened.  If it does happen we will ask you to forward a copy of any tests missing from your academic files here at the college.


Attendance Requirements for testing.

   You must meet the minimum attendance requirements for each course in order for the lesson tests to be valid.  You will find the general requirements on each of the Yearly class pages- First Year, Second Year, Third Year, Fourth Year.  You will also find specific attendance requirements listed on each individual course main page.  Those specific attendance requirements on the course main pages supercede the general attendance requirements and must be followed at all times even if they should conflict with the general attendance requirements.
   Example, if the attendance requirement states that not more than one lesson can be completed in the course each week, then your first test cannot be submitted before the last day of the first week. Attendance is figured from the date of submission of your Sign In form for that course.  Simply take that date and add 6 and you will have the minimum date on which you can take your first test.  Your next lesson begins on the day after you pass the previous lesson test.

   Study of all basic courses is required of all students.
(This is in answer to many questions sent to me such as, "Why do I have to take these courses.  I have known about Salvation, the Bible, etc. for years.)
Here are the reasons:
1. Because of the immense amount of heresy that is being taught as "thus saith the Lord" when the Lord did not say it.
2. Because without being sure that every student has a solid foundation, which the basic courses ensure, there is no way for us to know how much true biblical teaching the student already has had and how much they know of the basics of the Word of God; i.e., what kind of foundation he or she has in God's Word.  Without that strong foundation it is impossible that the student can build a strong Bible education.

"If the foundations be destroyed (which has happened today because of teachers and pastors, many of whom have not been trained or who have been taught wrong), what can the righteous do." (Psalm 11:3)  

Also see, "Where there is no vision, the people perish."  (Prov 29:18)  Which, by context, is speaking of a clear vision or revelation of God's Word as referred to in the following phrase in this proverb which speaks of "the Law" and those who keep it close, or guard it, or hedge it about (as in protection) or attend to it and observe it. (From the definition of the word "keepeth.")

   These are some of the main reasons, but only a few of them, for our insistence that all students take the basic courses.  And the wisdom of our set policy is born out in the answers that many students give to the basic questions in the most basic of the courses, Salvation.
   Even though the tests are all open book, which means they are supposed to go to the textbook and give the answers found there, some of the students constantly miss questions that they should have been able to easily answer even without the textbook.  And on occasion, some of the students give the wrong answer to the same questions several times in a row.
   Answers they give which are wrong are such things as:
   "Baptism IS part of my Salvation." Which we know is totally unscriptural.
   Also, "The saved ARE in danger of eternal punishment should they transgress God's Law."  Which any student of the Bible knows is also not true.
   As are the following:
   "Works are part of my Salvation."
   "Once we are saved we are on our own to resist sin and follow God."
   And marking as "Incorrect" the statement "Salvation saves us from our sin."  Which is taught unequivocally in the Bible as "Correct." (Mt 1:21; et al) and yet they don't believe it.
  These are not just someone accidentally answering a question wrong on a test, these are wrong answers given by far too many students; and wrong answers that they repeat, sometimes 2 and even 3 times, when they fail the tests and repeat them; which gave them a chance to look up the correct answer in the book.  And they could have easily found the correct answers in the textbook or Bible, whichever was appropriate for the question, because they have the correct answers in front of them on their copy of the test that was automatically emailed to them.  Once they had found the correct answers all they had to do was retake the test answering the questions with the correct answers.  There should never be a time that the student should fail a test twice and it is unbelievable that they should fail it three times- answering the exact same questions wrong multiple times in a row after being required to find the correct answers in the study materials and being guided by the correct answers in hand in the copy of the test that was sent to them with the correct answers on it for reference purposes.  The only reason they do so is because they have been taught incorrectly by someone they respected and parroted what they had been taught.  They were so sure, because it was ingrained in them, that they knew the answer to the question that they, evidently, did not even check for the correct answer.  I can think of no other reason why they would answer the same question wrong 2 or 3 times even when they had the correct answer in front of them on their copy of the test.

   Those questions that I used as examples are but a few from the first test in the first most basic of courses, Salvation.  And many of those who do not know the truth of God's Word in these most basic of areas are Pastors and Sunday School teachers who, taken as a group, are preaching and teaching these errors to untold thousands and also teaching hundreds of their "preacher boys" these same errors.  And then those preacher boys being taught these errors will then go out and preach and teach those same errors to who knows how many multiplied thousands.
   They have no clear (open) vision of the Word of God.  Many have no training, or, for those that do, far too many have training that is in error which they then pass on to the next generation who will pass it to the next; and they will then pass it to the next- on and on, over and over, as some heresies have been propagated, many of them, for 2 thousand years and more.

   This makes it imperative that we teach them the Truth- and that from the foundation up.

   I hope this explains our insistence that all students, no matter what their level of maturity, begin with the basics and follow instructions exactly.  It is the only way we can maintain a clear conscience before God concerning the Bible education of those of His children whom He has led to us and entrusted to our care.

"Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful."  (I Cor 4:2)

And this is the only way we here at the college can be faithful to this ministry to which the Lord has called us.

Final Tests cannot be
submitted before you
have met the course
attendance requirement.

And section/lesson tests
cannot be submitted
before you have met
the section/lesson
attendance requirement.

Attendance requirements can be found on the
main page for each individual course
as well as on various forms.

Failure to follow instructions and
requirements will result in wasted
work because of the disallowance
of all tests that fail to meet the
requirements.  This will make it
necessary for you to retake the
disallowed test when the
requirements have been met.
And that will be an unnecessary
waste of your time and effort.

You may now scroll down to the
form and complete it and
submit it to the college.

One copy of this form is
required for your file.
Please refrain from submitting
more than one copy of this form
because it causes extra and
unnecessary work for the
staff here at the college.


You may now continue to the form at the
bottom of this page.  Fill it out and
submit it for your file here at SLBC.
Only one copy of this form is
required for each student's file.

Dr. Van


The following is to certify that you have read and agree to the Testing Instructions.

If you were issued a User Name and a Password, then  DO NOT USE THE FORMS BELOW!
If you were issued a User Name and Password, you are registered with our SLBC Records site
and you must submit ALL WORK and FORMS through that site ONLY.
The SLBC Moodle site is at

ATTENTION: Do NOT use all upper-case or all lower-case letters on this or any other
form or communication sent to the college.  This includes using proper capitalization
for your name.  If you do use all upper-case or all lower-case letters, then this
form will be rejected and you will have to resubmit it.

when filling out forms.
(i.e., do not use Mr., Mrs., Rev. or Reverend, Pastor, Apostle, Dr., Brother, Sister, Elder, etc.)


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