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We hold to the biblical, traditional, fundamentals of the faith as taught in the scriptures since the inception of the Church at Jerusalem by Jesus Christ.  These biblical fundamentals have not changed since that time because the Scriptures have not changed in their teachings since that time.

These teachings have been preserved in the direct lineage of the Independent, non-denominational, Baptist Churches and the traditional teachings of those churches and the independent groups of Christians from which they have descended in a direct line from that first local church started by Jesus Christ.

Although we are a ministry of Bible Baptist Church of Salt Lake City, Utah, we ourselves are not a Church but a school; and, as such, we don't really have a codified statement of faith.  We consider the entire Word of God as our Statement of Faith.

However, probably the written "Statement of Faith" that is the closest to what we believe, and teach, was codified in what is known as the Philadelphia Confession of Faith of 1742 which is identical to the Second London Confession of Faith of 1689 except for two chapters, 23 and 31, which were added in the Philadelphia Confession and which necessitated the renumbering of the rest of the chapters of the London Confession.  This Confession was adopted for use in 1742 and was printed by Benjamin Franklin in 1743.

The Philadelphia Confession, can be found in our online library.  You can access it through the Main Library link in the Nav bar on the left side of this page.  Or you can access it direct through this link: Philadelphia Confession of Faith.