Practical Christian Ministry   
   If you are actively involved in a ministry in your local Church on a regular basis, then you are eligible for 1 credit per quarter (6 credits per year) for practical Christian ministry.  This course is a Local Church course and can only be taken if you are member serving in a local Church.  If you are not an active member of a local Church then obviously you cannot be actively involved in a ministry of a local Church and, therefore, you are not eligible to take this course and you are exempted from taking it.

This class is designed to teach the basics, the essential starting point, for the Christian life- Salvation, What Is It?  (1 credit)


  • What is baptism?

  • Where did it come from?

  • Who was it given to?

  • Who has the authority to administer it?

  • What does it accomplish?

  • These and other questions will be addressed in this course.

Eternal Security       
Who saves us and how; who keeps us and for how long; and what can I do to keep from falling away?  (1.5 credits)

The Church  
This class will teach you the basics of God's command for, and how to carry out, communal worship of God.  Addressed will be: where did the Church come from, who started it and when, what is it, and where is it today?  (1.5 credits)

Basic Typing and Sentence Formatting 
   In this course you will learn the basics of touch-typing and sentence formatting.  In order to do this you will learn and practice typing skills on a free downloadable program named TypeFaster.  As you progress you will practice speed and accuracy.  First while looking at the keyboard and then, later, without looking at the keyboard.  You will also learn some basic sentence formatting such as capitalization, proper use of case, and punctuation.  (4 credits)

Bible Doctrines  
What does God teach in His Word about The Scriptures, God, Jesus Christ, Salvation, Sin, etc . . . . . ?   (3 credits)