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       The Foundation for Biblical Studies


- President -
Dr. T.E. VanBuskirk

- Vice President -
Dr. Marshall Warneke

- Vice President -
Dr. James Wilkins
Retired to Heaven)

- Secretary -
Gracia Roemer

Main offices mail:
The Foundation for Biblical Studies
3769 W. 4700 S.
Taylorsville, UT



The Foundation for Biblical Studies is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the advancement of biblical studies worldwide.  We are a non-profit ministry registered with the State of Utah and with the Federal Government of the USA.  All donation are (USA) tax-deductible through our parent Church, Bible Baptist Church of Taylorsville, UT.  All donations should be recorded as donations to that Church.

The main recipients of the Foundation are:
1. Salt Lake Baptist College, an online Bible College for Baptist students only.
Dr. T.E. VanBuskirk

Salt Lake Bible College, a free online Bible College that serves tens of thousands of God's people worldwide and some students who are of other religions but are curious about the Bible, and even some who are atheist.
Dr. T.E. VanBuskirk

The University of America
"The University of America is a prestigious international university whose mission is to provide top quality education to students throughout the world by combining both traditional teaching methods and state of the art distance-learning facilities."

4. The Uganda Project is our newest addition.
"We will begin to raise funds for our joint mission in Uganda. What an exciting time for us all!  To bring the Word of God to these untrained pastors, who will in turn, disseminate  and preach the Gospel to the lost, has been our constant prayer."
Wayne and Lori Sedlak
(There is a button on The Uganda Project page to make a donation to that project.)

A brief history of the Foundation is included below the donation link.


Debit card or Credit card donations:
      If you would like to make a donation directly by credit card online through our secure Paypal account, please click the Donate button.

Donations by mail:
    If you would like information concerning how to make a donation by regular mail to the Foundation use this link: Make a donation to the Foundation to email us for instructions or send your donation to:
The Foundation for Biblical Studies
3769 W. 4700 S.
Taylorsville, UT  84129


The Foundation was set up in September of 2009 to help fund the online schools, Salt Lake Bible College and Salt Lake Baptist College as they carry on the biblical tradition handed down to them.  Their purpose is briefly stated in the slogan of Salt Lake Bible College, "Training men and women in the Word of God."

Later additions were the University of America and the Uganda Project; both of whom receive funding through the Foundation.

The purpose of the Foundation for Biblical Studies is simple- expedite the teaching of God's Word on a worldwide basis.


If you have questions about the Foundation, please use this link to contact us: Questions about the Foundation

    If you know of a possible grant source, please contact us through the Make a donation to the Foundation link.

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