(This is the parent organization that funds SLBC.)                                                


Welcome to Salt Lake Bible College.


    We pray that we can be a blessing to you.

    This college is set up as a free online college for those who cannot afford to pay for a Bible college education.  If, however, you are able to help financially, please consider a donation of $50/month to the college for the duration of your enrollment, and even longer if the Lord so leads.  Such donations help keep the college free for those of our brothers and sisters in the Lord who cannot afford to pay.  This is not an obligation, it is not tuition, it is strictly on a voluntary basis and you may donate or not donate as the Lord leads.  We do not keep an individual tuition record in our student files because SLBC is a tuition-free college.  Everything that comes in goes into the general operating fund for the college and is simply noted as a donation to the college in your name.  All donations are to be made to "THE FOUNDATION FOR BIBLICAL STUDIES."  We, of course, do keep regular records of donations, so if you wish to claim such donations on your income tax, for US contributors, or an equivalent tax deduction in your home country, if available, you may request a statement of your donations whenever you need one and we will be glad to e-mail one to you.

    We exist solely on such donations so please consider helping in this manner as the Lord leads.  To donate please click the link at the top right of this page "Donate to THE FOUNDATION FOR BIBLICAL STUDIES.

    Remember, there is absolutely NO financial OBLIGATION for any of the classes taken through SLBC online.  The Lord has placed us here to help you and as long as the Lord supplies the money to keep this college on the web, and we have no doubt He will, we will be here to help you.

    We offer this chance for you to donate solely so that you may be a partaker of the rewards and blessing that will come out of this endeavor for the Lord for who knows how many days, years, or decades until the Lord comes back to take us home.  And even after we are gone, either in death or the rapture, this website will still be here to be used by whomever wants to learn more about the things of God.  Give because you love God and want to be co-laborers with Him in this, His ministry.  But also be mindful of the rewards He has promised to those who labor in His work and seek His will.

Php 4:17 "Not because I desire a gift: but I desire
                fruit that may abound to your account."

May God bless you as you endeavor to further your education so that you will be better able to serve Him.