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"Training Men and Women In The Word of God"
Around the World!

Salt Lake Bible College
approved Study Center

Andhra Pradesh, South India

      Introducing Salt Lake Bible College Study Center
in Andhra Pradesh South India

    On behalf of the staff I would like to welcome you to Salt Lake Bible College AP - S. India. SLBC is a completely free online Bible College. It is Associated with the University of America that supplies on-campus courses for a small fee. The purpose of this college is to provide training in the Word of God to all who want to learn, no matter what denominational background they may have and no matter what their financial situation. We believe that everyone needs to know the basics of the Bible.

Its existence: 
SLBC was formed as an arm of Salt Lake Baptist College to meet the needs of those who may or may not call themselves Baptist. It is our belief that those Christians who truly want to serve God need to know exactly what the Bible teaches so that they will be able to then take that knowledge to others and in so doing further the will of God in their lives.  We also believe that everyone, regardless of religious background or a lack thereof, needs the Word of God.  Therefore, anyone wanting to study with us will be accepted as a student.

Its purpose:
The purpose of SLBC is to teach the Bible to those who need to be grounded in solid biblical teachings rather than denominational teachings and/or the teachings of liberal theologians who have denied the faith under the banners of compromise and/or unbelief.

How long has it been here and its effectiveness?
Although Salt Lake Bible College itself started in September of 2007, as an arm of Salt Lake Baptist College it draws upon the essence of that college's many years of existence and experience in preparing men and women for the ministry by means of solid, biblical, teachings.

Andhra Pradesh Study Center:
In January of 2013 Salt Lake Bible College was extended to India with a Study Center headquarters in TENALI and will soon have many Study Center branches all over Andhra Pradesh to train men and women for the Ministry.

Credibility and Accreditation:
SLBC/UA numbers among their graduates many pastors, workers, educators, theologians, authors, and a multitude of local church full-time and volunteer staff.  It also numbers among its staff and contributors, professors with several hundred years of combined teaching and pastoring experience.

Salt Lake Baptist College and Salt Lake Bible College are registered as private schools with the state of Utah and their fulltime staff are registered educators with UEN- the state educational agency known as the "Utah Education Network."  Access our listing at,

    Salt Lake Baptist College, is registered with the Utah Department of Consumer Affairs, license #5174123-9982, as an Exempt Postsecondary Proprietary School.

    SLBC/University of America is accredited by ASIC, a UK and CHEA US recognized International Accreditation Agency.  Our credentials can be accessed by clicking HERE.

    Also see the website of our California campus at for additional information.

Application Form:
If, after checking out our courses, you decide you would like to enroll, you need to fill the 
Application Form (click link to access online) or you can do so personally at your conveniently located Study Center.  The Study Center will take care of you to fill the application and get you started on your First Year required course. You may choose multiple Yearly courses according to your Circular & Biblical qualifications to enter degree level courses such as B.Th., B.D., M.Th., & D.D. Be aware of all of the constraint on your time and make sure you have enough time to give to the courses for which you started.

Our Andhrapradesh Study Center Headquarters
Mailing Address

Bishop. G. Pravardhan Varma
    Salt Lake Bible College
   Guntur Dist, A.P,
        S. India.



If you would like to help keep this Study Center in operation in India to train Men and Women for free those who cannot pay, please consider making a donation to SLBC.  Notify SLBC that the donation is for the Andhra Pradesh Study Center in Tenali, S. India after you send your donation by clicking HERE.

Debit card or Credit card donations:
      If you would like to make a donation directly by credit card online through our secure Paypal account, please click the Donate button.


Notice:  Donations of $1,000 and over should be made by check or direct transfer.  Click this email link to email us for information for direct transfer.


Make check payable to: The Foundation for Biblical Studies
Please include a note with your name and address (unless you wish to remain anonymous) so that we can record it as a donation in your name for tax purposes.

Or click this link to go to the donation page for 
The Foundation for Biblical Studies which is the foundation set up to finance this college.

Dr. VanBuskirk

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