Salt Lake Bible College

A tuition-free Bible College online
Small Administrative Fee of $15 USD per month for those
students wanting to earn a degree and only for those
students who reside in First-World countries.
A waiver is available for anyone for whom
the fee would be a financial burden.

A college of the University of America.
UA supplies on-campus courses for a fee.










Graduation, Matriculation, Inauguration
 photos of main campuses
in Utah and California
and various Study Centers

Salt Lake Baptist College
Salt Lake Bible College


(To encourage believers to get involved with SLBC
in prayer and participation as well as financially,
starting in  July, 2016 we began tracking the
professions of faith in Christ reported to us.)
(Reported stats are from students, current and former,
online and on-campus, as well as those who use
SLBC materials in their Churches as well as in our
various Study Centers around the world.)
Since this is a new feature, only a few people
and 2 of our Study Centers are reporting
their numbers thus far.

since July, 2016
(Updated Nov. 11, 2016)

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"Training Men and Women In The Word of God"
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TESTIMONIALS:  (Some information not given because of possible persecution.)

Greetings from India!!!!
    Thank you so much for being so kind and allowing me to pursue D. Min. from your esteemed Institute. I am so happy, your books are being used mightily in our ministry. Many pastors and leaders are being blessed.
    Resting in Jesus Christ
    Your friend in Christ from India

   Missionary wife in Bangladesh:  "Being a missionary-wife in Bangladesh, it is challenging to find a good Christian College which would help me continue my studies. After finding this free online Bible College, I am now able to further my studies while I am in the comfort of my home. The Director is quite warm-hearted and is always ready to correspond in times when I get in trouble finding or understanding on the site. If you are a busy Christian mother like me, you can find this free online Bible College a big blessing. Busy pastors I guess can also benefit from this Biblically-sound Online Bible College."

   Michael Adams, Ohio: "Challenge yourself to some great insight and learning. These classes are totally up to you to spend as much or as little time as you please. You may take just one course or load up as many as you think you can study at one time. Personally I am taking as many as six classes at a time. I also take them right through the summer and year around. I plan on going all the way to a doctorate degree and do it as quickly as I can. Take a few minutes and follow the link provided in the following text. Maybe you will be as surprised as I was.
Salt Lake Baptist Bible College:  Its existence: [click
HERE to see more]"



    Dear Dr Van,

   Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    At King of Kings Theological College we are continuing in the grace of our lord. The students have increased in number and we are praying for you ever since I started our communication to you. Greetings from Rev; Sam Dkotchen who is volunteering with us as academic  registrar and also a Pastor of Nile Baptist Church in *****.
    Tomorrow we have a class in Bible doctrine, Old Testament Survey, Pentateuch, and Church Planting. We make mention of you whenever we are beginning our bible classes, and we also pray for Salt Lake Baptist College together with Salt Lake Bible College.
    The students are waiting for that day when you will say you are coming to Uganda. As we go through the King James Version, we are enriched by the power of the Holy Spirit and continue to grow in His knowledge, wisdom and flourish in the anointing. ...  Greetings to "maama" your wife and my brothers over there. Am soon sending you my photos, and that of our students and staff.
(More of this testimony, click

    May the good Lord bless you big
    Thank you
***** Ngire
King of Kings Theological College.
(An Approved Study Center of SLBC.)

USA    Rocky Mount, NC,  
Dave ********

I just wanted to write to you and how grateful it is to find your college. I am an ordained minister without the experience or training it takes to do my duties. I feel your school will help me greatly. Again Thank you.

Lansana ********
I Thank God I was able to complete the salvation course and it has changed my life. I am grateful.


Good Afternoon Dr. Van,

I did not receive your previous emails, but I did receive my degree in
the mail!!!! :) :)  Thank you so much!

I'm so excited!!!  I am so grateful for Salt Lake Bible College!

God Bless you,

Evbota Godstime,
Spread the Word Bible College
Benin City, Nigeria

Dear Dr. T.E. VanBuskirk,

Greetings to you in Jesus name, Amen. Thank you so much for your love and concern towards us. Salt Lake Bible College has made it possible to training pastors, missionaries and Church workers especially the village/bush Pastors and missionaries.

We have total number of 60 students who will be graduating this year December 12th, 2015. Diploma to Doctorate degree.  Many are from the village/bush, students find it difficult to go elsewhere for their education, so they desire to receive their education locally; many of the students are very poor and living in the bush where electricity is vitally no existence.  And walk many distances to receive Bible training at Spread The Word.

 Salt Lake Bible College have standard biblical training with a balance concept and understanding of the Bible for the training of men and women in Benin City, Nigeria, most of the pastors who were not opportuned to be exposed to much knowledge about the scripture are exposed to broad understanding of the scripture because of your free course books online and the availability to everyone.

Many pastors can now distinguish false teachings from biblical truths. Your books were taken into rural areas where electricity is virtually non-existent, and the accessibility they offer will continue to be important for decades to come.

(Spread the Word Bible College is an Approved Study Center of SLBC.)

United Kingdom
    I am full of praise for SLBC.  It gave me the opportunity to study the Word of God at a very high level, where otherwise I would not have been able to afford the cost of higher education in theology. I am the better and closer to God for this opportunity and I thank God for Dr. Vanburskirk and the staff of SLBC.  You have given me a platform from where I can now push forward in the work of winning souls for the kingdom of God and even an appreciation of the Word of God. Never before did I look so closely at the Word of God and never before did I understand the Word of God as I do now, thanks to SLBC and your Staff.
    May the God of peace bless you with all spiritual blessing in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to whom be glory and honour for ever and ever amen.
E. Graham

    From Missionary to Brazil Steve ****
    I have 2 degrees from your college.  From my experience and work and schooling you gave me an Associates and a Bachelors degree in Theology.  I wanted to tell you how important these were to me recently.  The Federal police here in Brasil took 10 months to OK my 2nd year visa.  They wanted me to prove my theological training.  Your documents did the job.  Without those papers, I do not know if they would have allowed me another visa.  I received that visa, and in 1-2 weeks will apply for permanent residency.
    Thank you so much for your help and ministry,
    Steve ****, Florianopolis Brasil, S.C.

   Joseph *******
I find this one to be the best institution because it is concerned with spiritual welfare as its ultimate goal for a person.  It equipts a student through its courses which are well polished.

Sarah ********

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to study with you. God answered my prayers. I could not afford to stay at the college where I was before. I lost my job and had two teenage sons to care for. I was down and depressed and this came as a balm to my spirit.

     God bless you and your staff.


Dr. Van
    I just finished Lesson Four of the course on Faith. It was a special blessing to me. Your experiences reminded me of some the things my wife and I have experienced. By God's grace we have grown in our faith, trusting in Him, for almost 40 years in ministry. However, this past month has been another test for us. Our 24 year old, special needs, adopted son has been in the hospital for 30 days with severe pancreatitis and complications. I needed the reminders of the Faith lesson tonight. Thank you for writing it and making it available.

    I am working on the thesis paper and have about 7000 words completed. Praise the Lord.

Tim Tutton


Dear Sir,
I found myself on your website by divine appointment on 01/22/2010.  I had been looking for a suitable school a few years before without success, but after much prayer I came across Salt Lake Bible College website.

I must confess I did not think you would even consider my application since I am a woman, but my spirit was at peace, so I decided to try.  I also thought about how mentorship would be possible in a virtual class.  Two years into my studies I do not regret having signed up with your college.

I have gained so much knowledge and developed insight in the Word of God in ways I cannot describe in words.  I have noticed a divine wisdom upon my life, even in secular situations.  I have observed that my ministry as a lay preacher has just blossomed and gets better and better to the amazement of my peers, including my Senior Pastor.

I have no idea yet where the Lord is taking me, but I would like to thank you and your team for being such a blessing in my life.

May Jehovah God remember you.

Charity ****