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Flash is now blocked and all of our tests have become
inaccessible for students enrolled under
the old system.

The college has suspended all testing for the time being for all students
under the old system for levels 2-4.  First Level has instructions on each
course page concerning active testing for the courses on that level.
All students are required to complete all active tests in
level 1- that is First Level Courses A and B.

Testing is NOT suspended for students studying in the Moodle system.

We have been and will continue working on the issue.

For First Level Courses, follow the testing instructions on each course
page.  For Levels 2-4, c
ontinue with your courses as usual, minus the
tests, until notified.  If you complete a course and the Final Test
is not yet available, notify me through a Contact Form and I
will compose and upload an Active Final Test so you can
complete it and receive credit for that course.

Although testing is suspended you will still be expected to meet all of
the attendance requirements for each lesson and each course overall.

We will be composing a Final Test for each of the courses in
levels 2-4 where other testing has been suspended.  When
they are completed, all students will be expected to
successfully pass those tests.  Their final grade
will be based on their Final Test score plus
their meeting the minimum attendance
per lesson as well as minimum
attendance for each
course overall.

Dr. Van


You are welcome to "set in" on
the livestream classes when
they are in session.
However, to receive credit you
must be registered with the
Video College or be an
on-campus student
at SLBC in Utah.

SLBC is a no-frills, tuition-free Bible College with all
Study Materials online for free download by students.

There is no charge to study the courses at SLBC.  However, if
you want to earn a certificate or degree along with your free
studies, there is a $15.00 per month Administrative Fee
assessed for record-keeping and degree processing.
A Waiver is available for those who can prove
financial hardship.  For students who register
after December 17, 2018, for you to receive
a Waiver you must submit an Administrative
Fee Waiver
form before you begin your
studies.  It is available on the
Administrative Fee page.  If
you do not submit it before
beginning your studies,
then the courses you
study cannot be
credited toward
a degree.

Dr. Van

You can Monitor Only for free or you can study to earn
a degree by paying the Administrative Fee!

To study and earn a degree, click this graphic.
(Administrative Fee applies.)


To study the same courses 
without earning a degree,
click this graphic.
(No Administrative Fee)


To study via video lectures,
click this graphic.


We are desperately in need of expanded facilities.  Please pray that the God will supply that need for SLBC.  We are praying for 20 acres of land on the Wasatch Front in Utah with at least one large building on it.

Thank you - Dr. Van

(Updated June 24, 2020)
began in July, 2017

If you are: (1) a current or former staff member of SLBC online or at one of our Study Centers, (2) a current or former student at one of our Study Centers or of SLBC online, (3) a member of a Church that is  using SLBC study materials (4) or if you are currently Monitoring courses, (5) or a current member of the Board of Advisors, please report any Professions of Faith in Christ in which you are directly involved.
We would like to include those in our total listed in yellow above.  We do this to encourage others to get involved with the college in prayer and/or financially so we can continue to supply free courses to train God's People to take the Word of God, including the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to the lost.

Thank you - Dr. T.E. VanBuskirk - Pres. SLBC

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April 14-16, 2020

Salt Lake City, Utah  USA

In concern for the health of those who attend our Missions
Conference we believe it is in the best interests of everyone
involved that we cancel the meeting this year.


Dr. Marshall Warneke
Bible Baptist Church - Taylorsville, UT


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